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Ac and dc led drivers? Answered

Can I power an AC LED driver with DC voltage, I understand the driver controls voltage  1watt , the driver was rated 85 - 265 volt ac input but the seller had written 12 volt with grease pen across the printed label. This light works fine


Most likely, what your holding onto is a 12VDC power supply that is meant to be plugged into a wall. If that is the case, then no, you cannot power it with DC, because the internal circuitry require an alternating current to transform the voltage down before rectifying it to DC.

If what I said does not sound familiar you should not be experimenting with high voltages.

8 AA batteries will give you 12V if you need to light some LEDs

  1. what driver are we talking about here?
  2. what LEDs are you trying to run?
  3. why do you feel the need to re post this question every couple of hours?