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Another Achievements/Badge Idea Answered

Right now, there are 3 Achievements: 1-100+ Featured, 100-1000+ Comments, and, 10K-10M Views.

I think it would be nice to add another achievement option: Favorites (# of times people have clicked "favorite", all of them combined)

For example: 100 Fav's (bronze-easiest), 1000 Fav's silver-(Harder) and, 50,000* Fav's (gold-Almost Impossible)

* either 10,000 or 20,000, 50,000 I think these can be good


well I don't think this would be fair because electronics always get lots of favorites and the other categories get wayyyyy less

6 months later, (And some more knowledge in this subject)...

I disagree with that sentence:

From what I've seen in my Instructables, Small & Creative projects get the most likes.

The more views an Instructable get's, The smaller the like/amount views it gets.

For example in my Homemade Vise Instructable, I remember it got something like 30 likes after 150 views, But now it's at almost 8K views and less than 140 likes.

This ratio drops especially when Instructables get featured in the newsletter.

It has nothing to do with Electronics. I can give you examples for that.

the ratio drops because thousands of random people have subscribed to the newsletter and they have to sign up to favorite stuff. Also the bounce rate increases when it is featured in the newsletter because some on clicks on it, reads the first sentence and then leaves. They don't even think about favoriting it

in general electronics are more popular

look at this analytics website, Technology is one of the biggest words (most popular) also look at the "list of website also visited by instructables users" there is arduino, makezine(half electronics,) and hwlibre


and here is a list of popular traffic keywords from Alexa.com

Keyword Percent of Search Traffic

1. raspberry pi projects 0.70%

2. gmail sign up 0.48%

3. instructables 0.42%

4. gmail login 0.40%

5. gmail email login 0.38%

Pretty interesting...

Raspberry Pi projects are the most popular here? Definitely not... So they are the keyword that leads the most people here?