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Anti/Surveillance Fashion Show at Maker Faire Answered

Constantly under the lens of the camera, fashion is a natural form in which to explore the relationship between surveillance and culture. How are we watched? How do we watch?  How do we present ourselves to the eyes of the world?

I'd like to introduce a fashion show being organized for Maker Faire San Mateo, May 22&23 2010, sponsored by Noisebridge (a hackerspace in San Francisco that I am a founding member of).  We are showcasing wearables that can be used for surveillance or to thwart surveillance.

Full details are here, and that page will be updated with more information and a list of participants as they are finalized. You can also email fashion@synthesize.us with specific questions.


That shoe reminds me of a thwarted terrorist attack a whole while back. Some guy hid some explosives in his shoe! But, they already have systems that scan you for explosives so don't bother...


8 years ago

Whatever you do DO NOT wear those shoes OR have them in a carry on if you go through an airport. It won't end nice :-)

 Latest additions to the TSA watch list is gel-soles or gel-insert soles for shoes.  Guess that guy who couldn't light his shoe up ruined it all for people who want comfortable shoes.


8 years ago

What, like a brown bag over your head?

I'll ask...has there been any breakthrough fashion-forward designs on the ninja outfit - I know the basic black one is a classic though.

Well I hope to find this out!  Maybe one made entirely out of foil so as to be a flexible Faraday cage for all the wearer's personal computing objects... Want to have a crack at that?  ;)

Sorry, I can only think of the Where's Waldo Ninja outfit with the Giant Mickey/Minnie Mouse Hand Gloves at the moment.

Oh, if you want the clown shoes, I know where to get a pai some.