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Anyone else notice... Answered

I am officially awesome.
LMAO! So, go check it out, and comment...

Hi Michael!

Your Guide "Star Wars" was just featured by one of our editors!

Look for it on the Instructables homepage within the next 30 minutes. Being featured means we think you are awesome. Keep up the great work!




Grrr....I STILL haven't gotten my UJT's (sorry for the rant being off topic, but I made mention of them below....I am am just steaming now....*sigh* as much as I steam :-)

I remember... I hope you get them soon. I just finished making a shirt.

Where are those wormhole-teleporters the sci-fi guys said we'd have by now? It would certainly speed up shipping :-)

I have too many haters to get any of my ibles featured..........or it could be the subject matter of the ible......

OMG THAT AWESOME!!!!!!!!!11!!!!!1 my first!!!!!!

Most likely the subject matter of the i'bles. I've been featured twice now. I don't hate you. =D

Good stuff, but now you've done it once you must strive to live up to being featured again, and higher goals...

I don't know, getting features on other sites, winning contests... It wasn't a particularly serious contest... However it was amazingly cool to have a project on G4TV

I don't like other sites. ;D, I really want to win a contest. YOU WERE ON G4TV? When, I watch that channel a lot?

It's a channel? I though it was only an internet vid cast, the jet engine was on it...

One of my goals is to do something that will bring the local news, without destruction, more confusion...

Yeah, it was on the show, on tv....

Nice. I have had a few featured, the first one shocked me, as I didn't expect it at all :-) I have yet to win a major prize in a contest though

me too... hopefully. You got a shirt too. That was nice!

I wanted to enter the Battery contest, but my UJT didn't arrive yet (I couldn't find a local shop that had them, and RadioShirk didn't have it for sure. )

I hate radioshack. :X I may finish that instructable as I am sick. :D

I still have that sinus infection, but I don't have more then one day off anymore from work (paid) so I have to go in unless is gets really bad....

RadioShack, what can I say. I used to be able to go in there and pickup up transistors and IC's and stuff, now they are so limited, and the HELP isn't much help. "I need a 2N2646 UJT and an audio transformer with a 500 ohn primary and an 8 ohm secondary."

"um", came the reply, "if it isn't in the drawer, we don't have it nor can we order it."

So, the assistant makes an attempt to help: pulling open the transistor door, he says; "It doesn't look like we have either one."

I was teed off by now "Look, an audio transformer is a little iron core, with thin wire wrapped around it, and 4 leads coming off of it. "
Reply: I don't think we carry that.

Ok, I said, I need these clips, here, so for the real electronic parts though, I guess I will have to go to a REAL ELECTRONIC'S STORE!.

They had me ALL bent out of shape. (in case you didn't notice, I can be very "passive-aggressive" when I lose my cool :-)

You can't lose what you don't have...joke* Yeah, radioshack's... actually almost everywheres help, does not help at all. They don't know anything about their store.

You can't lose what you don't have.

I didn't say I was cool, I meant my passive demeanor :-p

They haven't changed much as far as the help, although in my younger days, some of the sales-persons knew a bit about electronics.....although I remember asking about an RPG compiler (they carried a COBOL compiler for thier TRS-80 machines, because I bought one from them), and the guy had no idea what I was talking about. Turned me off to RS for a long time (and I am still stewing LOL)

I knew what you meant... consider it a goodhart joke. ;D I know what you mean.

I know, consider mine a Goodhart comeback ;-)

Yeah, I was given a shirt, and won a patch and some stickers...

first of all, how does eric know your name?

you have to put your name to sign up, and he kinda runs the site...

Cool! Good job :)

cool, I dont think my lego guide was featured because noahw combined his guide with mine.....

Oh it will, not all of them do. I have two others that haven't been featured, you might see yours up there soon.