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Apologies in Advance Answered

I've mentioned it before, but now is almost the time: I'm going to CERN on Monday, for most of the week.

It's actually a professional development session (I'm supposed to be getting inspired to produce inspiring teaching materials), so it's not a jolly, honest.

Anyhoo, bizarrely, in the birthplace of the internet*, wifi internet access is apparently quite unreliable there, so I may not be around as much as you are used to.

I'll be spending the time in a days-long nerdgasm instead.

(*it involved physicists being too lazy to cycle between work stations)


Breaking news!

Expect a new "Higgs" announcement in about ten days, and a CMBR announcement about ten days after that.

Should we count our Higgs before they hatch?

I'm here, and, as I was warned, the connection is grindingly slow.

Still, at least it's a connection!

Now wandering off to find the chap running this event...

Fourteen hours until I set off from home.

Not that I'm counting ;-)

So is this junket at the public expense of taxpayer dollars pounds?

Actually, there's a grant from a science education charity. The grant size is fixed, so any leftover cash goes to my school.

so, you're walking then ?
Have fun. You should add the ready-brek glow to your avatar.....

Does your family have the follow an airliner app to track your short hop to Grenoble ?

I hate you!

Actually, no I don't, I'm happy for you. Have fun! Take lots of pictures! :)

Are you still growing those good looking facial protein strings ?

Do not let them accelerate you, Particle Man

Unfortunately, they've just shut it down...

I believe CERN created the world-wide-web application. The internet was created by the US military or Al Gore.

Packet switching which underlies the whole technology was ALSO invented by an Englishman

. Your move.

Oops, you are correct.


Cern =

Cerebral Ecstasy Resulting in Nerdgasm...

(or could be ...Reaching Nerdgasm)...

Either way,


(Just remember those of us that don't know a particle from a physicist in your ensuing 'ibles).

lol... have fun brainiac! ;-D


5 years ago

From the western land that has many  Al Gore believers,
I soo envy your upcoming entry into the magic circle.
Where I understand the air is endowed with a conflagration of unattached intelligent particles.

Have a Great Nerdgasm !





5 years ago

I hope your visit to CERN is all you hope for and more! Perhaps for a little while we could all address you as "Particle Man" instead of Kiteman. Exciting stuff, really!

Have fun despite it not being the sole purpose !