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Are you looking for a KNEX gun/gun-related IDEA??? Answered

I was looking at the gatling/machine guns on this site and I thought: hey! if you want to build something cool and incredibly useful, you should try and build something that helps to reload these guns, or makes more ammunition for them! it doesn't have to be automated at first, just a crank that takes a rod and/or rubber band and reloads a spent ammo belt from your favorite automtic knex weapon would be a good start!! Happy hardware hacking! -dmt



11 years ago

You guys definitely have high standards! (I'd expect nothing less!) When it comes to being done quickly enough to be worthwhile, it seems to me that anything that could even marginally simplify the construction of belts would help. Starting small like this, and working in an iterative manner, I bet that the K'nex instructables crew could eventually cover all those points. And since I saw so many posts asking "what should I make?" I posted this hoping you all would rise to the challenge.

- It must stay attached to the ammo belt it is working on so that it never slips - It must properly attach to the used 'cartridge' firing pin. - It must have the strengh to pull back the firing pin's rubber band and do this quickly - It must ensure the triggers are put in position to stop the firing pins - It must, under tension, release the firing pin the same way it attached and return to be ready for the next - It must mechanically take an ammunition rod from a supply and insert it into the cartridge barrel - It must continue down the belt to repeat this process on the next - It must do all of this quickly enough to be worthwhile - It must do all of this repeatedly and without failure or the purpose of convenience is lost If all of that were mechanically simple, you'd see us doing it already. That is not to say it's impossible, however...