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Army man halloween costume????????????? Answered

I was thinking, "should i be an army man for halloween?" When I realized I could. With your help, fellow instuctablers, I shall Make an UBER army man costume! I already have camo pants, so I need a camo shirt/top/sweatshirt, and a noise making(no airsoft please!) rifle. Preferably a m-16, m-4, ak47, or g36c. ANY help will be appreciated!!!! I will gladly SUBSCRIBE to you if you help!!!!! AND, as a BONUS, I will rate ALL your ibles a 5 STAR RATING!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thankyou!!!!



Best Answer 9 years ago

Making an army man/woman costume is pretty standard. What makes it better is the details.

Get a rifle that looks as close to the real thing as possible. If it's plastic then spray it with clear mat spray to take the shine off. put some camo spray on it.

Same thing with your helmet. If it's a real steel helmet and you can alter it then put a small dent in it like it deflected a bullet. This will be hard to do since they really are supposed to deflect bullets. At least scratch it up some and get some dirt on it. Helmets get sat on thrown around p***** in and everything else you can imagine. Make yours look like it.

Dirty your pants some. Make them look like they been worn a month out on patrol and you haven't taken the time to change them yet.

Same with you shirt. If you can get some rank stripes and organization patches put them on. It won't look right with out them.

If you can get an ammo belt and canteen and other gear to hang from it the costume will work better.

If you can get real combat boots do so. Scuff them up and dirty them enough to match your other cloths. Look at the instructable on "ladder lacing". Don't use white laces though. If you get the combat boots go here to learn to blouse you pant legs. That would really be a nice touch. I used to love to blouse my pants.

Last but not least is the whole effect is going to be spoiled by that baby face of your's sticking out from under that steel helmet. Get some dark charcoal type face paint, makeup whatever to create a shadow of a beard. That'll make you look like you been out where there weren't no easy livin.

Get what you can and work on some of the details. Have fun.

P.S. If you're going to go to a party you might ask in advance about bringing in the simulated gun. They might object. But you could still do the other stuff.


7 years ago

if you are going to put any insignia on the uniform atleast make sure it is proper like i've seen people with (im Canadian) a PPCLI shoulder flash with a Royal Westminster shoulder flash underneath with a Sergeant major rank on....thats 2 different corps with a different countries rank....dont do it, it really makes you look stupid and it can insult some war vets....id say make it simple or look at some actualy military pictures to make sure its even just a little bit accurate


9 years ago

Okay. Re-design beat me to it. He just made the hate book.


9 years ago

if i were you i would get a m4 carbine because alot of the marines in the US army us it. you should also get a army helmet. i live in australia and in one of our shops(k-mart, called wall-mart in USA) they sell bike helmets with a army camo material on it. anyway good luck and i hope i helped.