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Autogyro construction tips, please!!! Answered

Hey i would like to get some tips on my autogyro which i plan to build...
   a) Rotor shape & size
   b) Engine power (and power source) and engine propellor shape & size
   c) Materials to be used in construction (durable, cheap)
   d) Approximate size
P.S. I weigh around 345 Newtons...


He is probably talking the full size one. Check on this reference. That would probably give you an idea. It's the same thing that I do when I got to find myself some help doing some of my construction project. I get help from the site safety officer using Google and reading through forums. The more you dig the more you find answers.


1,. As we talking full size?

2. there are regulations

3. Building and flying an autogyro requires high levels of skill in build and piloting have you nay flying experience.

4 Start with models - When you understand how they work then you can begine to look at a full sized build

5. there are kits autogyros out there if you search - More than likely a better bet then design and build yourself. If you can't afford them then more then likely you can't afford to design and build one either.


thanks for the reply...
1) Yes, full size, one seater
2) I know, and am trying to get in touch with the CAA here in Pakistan...but seeing that most Pakistani laws are based on UK laws, and here on Wikipedia I have some info... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Autogyro#UK_certification
3)nice idea, but the thing is that one can do ANYTHING if he (/she) knows the whole logic behind it. That is why I have looked up & understood the physics of autogyros.
4) What materials do i use for the models....or should i test the overhead rotor as regards the air drag.....
5) I know about the kits etc....but they cost me around 3 million PKR AT LEAST!!! What I am aiming for is something below 1000 GBP....and the parts in themselves (I mean local) are gonna be SERIOUSLY cheap (The one good thing here in Pakistan is that it is very cheap here by international standards....) & so i expect the body to cost around 100-150 GBP (aluminium), can get a decent 125 cc motorbike engine secondhand for maybe 200 GBP...and tyres ought not cost a lot...

Nope, I am afraid that your wrong in so many ways.

Flying an auto gyro is more complicated than flying a fixed wing. I have do some flying and I promise you it need practice and a skilled instructor or your dead first time you try to land.

The cost is going to exceed you budget several times over. To make it work you need to be light, you need to be using aircraft certified materials, you need to comply with the legal requirements. The laws are there for a reason.

For models try searching google.

Really really this isn't going to happen for you - at least not at this stage

well.....part a)
      "Flying an auto gyro is more complicated than flying a fixed wing. I have do some flying and I promise you it need practice and a skilled instructor or your dead first time you try to land." well i DID realize THAT part a long time ago, when flying an A 380 on x-plane (iOs).....but look, i DID do a BIT of youtubing and have got the general idea.....what if you slow down a little before landing.....and if there IS a serious problem....parachutes exist.....

well, safety regulations are nonexistant here in pakistan.lol.

I admire your ambition and your having an aim. Turn this is a sensible direction and start small and build up to full size.

I have hours in the air gliding and hundreds of simulator hours - IT is a one way street to the grave yard without good instruction

The lack of safety regulations isn't an excuse for ignoring basic good practice and engineering know how.

At 13 unless your lucky you won't have the finance let alone the skill set you need to start and complete such a task safely.

Start with building models if you can't get on with that then you have no chance of building a full size machine anyway.

I have built hundreds of flying models including several autogyros. in face I have a commercial autogyro kite - It is rather difficult to get to fly well - That should tell you something.

You need much more that the basic principles of both how the aircraft works AND how to fly successfully

The details and maths of what makes autogyro flight possible is on line if you look, as well as numerous plans etc for models at all sorts of levels - Do some detailed research and work from that until you have something at model size that can fly.