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Beginner Electronics Information? Answered

I'm interested in taking on a few of the projects in the electronics category, particularly the high voltage compilation.

Obviously though, this is some pretty dangerous and complicated stuff (maybe just to me), so anyway, I was wondering if there were any books,  web pages or guides with basic starting out info that might help me understand what those guides are talking about?

You probably should assume I know nothing about electronics, because its more or less true.


Couple of things to keep in mind when building ANY circuit, but mainly a high voltage one. These are the things I'm constantly told through everything I try to build.
-Capacitors are dangerous. Google some "how do they work" websites to make sure you know what you're doing. They can hold a potentially deadly charge, and electrolytics (the soda can looking things) can explode/spray boiling liquid if wired to the wrong polarity.
-When working with wall power (120V 60Hz), always use a ground. You should figure out how those work as well. If the ground isn't wired properly, it can short your circuit through the casing, or even worse, through YOU.

Thanks, I'll see if I can find that one, a friend also loaned me 'Teach yourself Electricity and Electronics' by Stan Gibilisco, but its a pretty thick book, I might take a look at your recommendation first. Ps, thanks for the bump lemonie.

The high voltage area should be covered after simpler things, so you're definitely in the right place!

Thanks for this info. I want to say that capacitors store electricity for later use. They are like batteries in that way. What is different is that power is also coming into them. Cheap Electronics | China Netbook

Not sure if you are an absolute beginner or not.... I've found this page to be great as it's geared for the beginner and it side steps all the formulas and electronics jargon. It gives you enough information to start putting together circuits and working with the components and stuff.

I will say that it's geared towards making guitar effects boxes, but still a great reference page. Take a look.


Make: Electronics is probably the very best book for beginner electronics.

There are people around here who can answer your question better than I. I'm "bumping" your topic to keep it in sight of them.