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Bow Kite or Inflatable Kite bladder Answered

hello. For the past moth i've been trying to make a inflatable bow kite, all fine till now, i printed out the plans, sewed the parts, but i've stumbled on the bladders, on the leading edge bladder to be more specific. How do i make  the bladder when inflated to have the bow shape?i mean how to cut the material and seal it?(the material i use is celofane, cheap and resistent)


This link http://www.geocities.ws/reystos/inflatable/materials.html has all the info on making bladders hope this helps.

could you tell me were you got the plans to make the bow kite?

I really want to make one also how did you get them printed?

Thanks Henry

I would use a rubber that you could glue or weld in shape.

i know i would use that too,like those inflatable pool toys,but i couldn't find any to buy.

Inflatable toys are made our of flexible PVC fabric in a range of thicknesses. 14 to 16 mil might be a good start. The joints are made by a process called RF welding or by heat sealing. Neither of which is that straightforward to do at home.

You can buy bladders from a company called http://www.u-stick.nl. as well as stick-on valves. American National manufacturing is a company that I use to manufacture inflatable light diffusers for my company Airboxlights.com. Alvimar-genesis is the big player in the inflatables field. Hope some of this is useful.