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Bumped Topics Answered

I (along with other members of the Instructables Community) have noticed a problem with bumped topics. Topics that were originally posted over 2 years ago are being bumped to the top of the forums. In most cases this is due to comments that don't even contribute to the conversation. What solutions are there to this problem? I don't like the idea of locking topics. This puts a stop to contributions that might actually be useful. What solutions do you guys have?


Hmm, let me ask you, why does this phenomenon annoy you so much? Is there some relative incident in your past that causes you to become aggressive when the past is brought up? Maybe we should consult Feud about this....

'Maybe we should consult Feud about this...."

Why would either Richard Dawson or Drew Carey have anything relevant to say?

Hmmm, ok I'll bite as you lost me there I haven't a clue as to what you mean

Actually, *I* lost me there. It wasn't Drew Carey, it was Louie Anderson I was thinking of -- a different overweight glasses-wearing comic. Which, of course, completely spoils my sad attempt at a pun.

See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Family_feud .

Ah, ok I was wondering about that with the obvious reference to the venerable Richard Dawson of Family FreudFraud Feud. ;-)

Ignore it. Its not like something bad will happen from a bump.

Well, that depends on how big the bump is. You could damage your suspension, or even bottom out and whang the transfer case!

that kind of bump also depends on what vehicle you are driving.

Aye, as when riding a bicycle, the transfer case may be your own. ;-)

Maybe there could be a "6 months or older catagory".

Personally, I have noticed that sometimes a new subscriber will browse back through my past topics and comments, replying where they feel the need to, without paying much heed to the original posting dates.


9 years ago


Thank you for that explanation :-)

Bump,bump bump am very bumped to hear this,bump you and bump :)

It's usually new users finding something they're interested in, without noticing the age. Not really a bump as such. The best option is to suggest to the author that they should remove it as it is obsolete. L

Change all our avatars to pandas?

I'm starting to look for another avatar already, it is both a panda and not a panda, a corvid, a biscuit and a new colour no eye has ever seen before - Taking theories too far...

A panda with a new color that eye has ever seem before for it's eye color eating a biscuit with a corvid.

How about surfing panda's, because the current fad appears to be waves....

Well, I'll need to remember this topic in two years. On topic though... Some times, people(like me) may see a comment that they like, or thought was help full, and want to thank, or congraduate the poster.