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Campfire lighting tricks? Answered

I find myself with the task of lighting a camp fire, either dramatically, magically or mysteriously. 

I know a couple of methods, but the campfire audience have seen them before.

Anybody got any novel ideas for lighting a campfire at the sneaky pull of a cord, or throw of a hidden switch?

(Yes, I know about wire wool and batteries...)


Saw something cool when I was in Boy Scouts,

Take a thin cable and run it from the center of the campfire to a tree. Attach an arrow to it with wick end soaked in diesel or something flammable. Shoot the arrow at the center of the fire wood. The cable ensure that the arrow finds its mark at night time. You have to do this with practice cause when I saw it the guy shot the arrow too fast and it went out.

Add some metal shavings at the center for a little oomph.

what does hat and tree have to do with anything?

"Burning thing on a wire" was the last thing we did, but thanks.

(Hat and tree? See my PM)

What about some slow burning black powder, something that burns maybe a min/meter that can be lit with flint and steel. and do a trail of that to the center of the campfire.

That might be an issue, because it's illegal to make black powder over here.

That was the saddest thing I read this morning. What would Baden-Powell say?

I guess just make a regular fire and get some marshmallows, gram crackers and chocolate.

Do you have access to marshmallows, gram crackers and chocolate or is that frowned upon as well?

I'm not sure BP would have liked us making explosives, either, but really it's fall-out from the World Trade Centre attack.

There are other mixtures and devices which don't count as weapons, and I think I've come up with an "electric match" system that will be worth an instructable, if it works.

google "les stroud fire starting" he can start a fire with just about anything.