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Can I run Custom Firmware on a PSP 3000??? Answered

Can I run Custom Firmware on a PSP 3000???



It is currently not possible for a PSP 3000 to run an actual custom firmware, however, you can use ChickHEN, which can be used to run homebrew, but not ISOs. I wrote a how-to install ChickHEN instructable, if interested.

There is a way to get it into service mode (Lite Blue Tool) but there is no way to do anything with that service mode

The PSP3000 has no custom firmware capabilities yet. With the discovery of the gripshift exploit, it has shed some hope, but as of yet it is not possible to install custom firmware on the new, psp3000 aka "brite".

That said, with a little research, its still a LOT easier to do on a psp2000.