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Can i hook a desktop HDD up to a laptop? i would keep it externally of course, it would just be a server? Answered



External drive enclosures are a dime a dozen. I just bought one from micro center not long ago for like $13. But you said "it would just be a server?". Did you mean it would contain the operating system? If so your laptops motherboard would have to support booting from a usb devise and you might have to configure your bios to do so. Like moving your usb port to the top of your boot priority list for example. Also I personally don't know if Windows will run in this (portable) fashion. I'm pretty sure there is a version of Lennox that does.

Lennox?  Do you perhaps mean Linux?  Or is that a disto that I'm unfamiliar with?

haha. yep that's what i meant.  I've been having furnace troubles recently. Maybe that's why I spelled that variation.

The easy way it to get an external case that turns it into a usb drive.  It has it's own power supply so it's not draining the laptop.  You can get firewire versions.