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Can't download e-book. AccessDenied error on Fun With Concrete PDF Answered

This is the URL that I'm sent to when I click to download the PDF or ePub for "Fun With Concrete". I can download other e-books from this site just fine.



This is working now. Thank you very much.

I didn't want to start a new topic for this, but the "Office Weapons" e-book doesn't work for me either (same problem). Any chance they can just _all_ be fixed? I spot checked a few others I am interested in and they worked.


Thanks for letting us know, we're looking into it right now. You can try again in about a day.

That's because this is only a guide and has not yet been made into an eBook. We don't make every guide into an ebook, just the ones we think our audience will enjoy offline.

I've started the ball rolling on getting that made into an eBook, thanks for letting me know!

Thanks for looking into it... I didn't know...

Learn something new everyday. :)

If your comment doesn't get the attention of staff, perhaps you could edit your topic title to say "Update: Can't download another e-book".

That should work. :)

Yup... Its broken. "Failed to open page" upon clicking on download PDF button. :(

Tried with Mac OS X, Safari 5.1.4