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When Toast Flies Answered

It is not often that I find something so useless so awesome. Freddie Yauner's toaster pops your toasted bread way up into the air with high-pressure carbon dioxide. He is going to try to break his own world record of the highest toaster pop, which currently stands merely at the height of his ceiling. An added bonus of this: if he pops it to the right height, he may be able to avoid the curse of the toast always falling butter-side down.



lol you could have comps to see who could catch it in their mouth.

if i had the proper power tools and a shop, i'd probably make one twice as powerful!

This is crazy cool!

awesome! how big is the actual toaster? hard to tell from the picture... maybe its cause I woke up awhile ago and I'm still tired though....

this is so cool. I need one for my computer for when I wake up. Also my nickname is Toast so I guess I fly. Hmmmm...... Jumps out window...... OWWWW NVM