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Christmas break Answered

It's that time of year again - off to the in-laws for The Season Of Good Will.

I'll be largely absent, so have fun, don't drink too much, and please remember to vote for the Kite Family in the various contests ending soon.



(And don't forget me!)


Merry Kite-mas.

Thank you.

(Posted very slowly from new Kindle)

Thought you weren't allowed to open that for another 3 days...

I was allowed because Kitewife thought she was buying me a new wedding ring, but she didn't need to (I had an accident, we thought my finger had changed size with the scar, but it healed smooth)

>Kitewife thought she was buying me a new wedding ring, but she didn't need to

How sweet!

>my ring chopped a lump of of my finger.

Owwwwwwwwwwwwww. :(

>Fortunately, over the weekend, it levelled out.


>phew<, what a rollercoaster of emotions!

Cool trick....I'll have to remember that one.

Hope you have a grand holiday !

It was painful - I got my finger mached between a heavy box and a van, and my ring chopped a lump of of my finger. While it was healing, it was very lumpy, and I thought I'd gone up a size or two. Fortunately, over the weekend, it levelled out.

I see, yeah I had a similar experience not all that long ago also, but caught my ring on a box I was reaching into and it cut off a piece just below where the ring normally rests. It is still healing though not anywhere near as sizable as you describe.

You should hack it to make a Kite-dle.

How much would be too much?


As long as you can remember what you did (unlike the colleague last week who forgot his own address...)

I once received a voice mail message from the CFO, chief financial officer of the company and he flubbed up on remembering his home number to call him back at. Nice to know he was trusted with the payroll.

Happy Holidays!

At least it wasn't like the one neighbor who came home late, undressed in the dark so he wouldn't wake his wife, and then, after climbing into bed, had to deal with a screaming maniac of a woman who WASN'T his wife until he could explain what had happened. :-)

I've heard of people being shot and killed because they entered the wrong house drunkenly thinking it was their own. This would be an example of "too much".

Hmmm, kinda like the story of when Superman comes home drunk, mistakenly wanders into Wonder Woman's apartment. Was she surprised? Not as much as the Invisible Man.

Did you see that on The Vicar of Dibley ? LOL

I can manage that, so I'm reassured.
Have a good one!


Hope you have a pleasant, denomination free holiday

Merry christmas to the kites... Enjoy your time off and try not to get too antsy about correcting the internet...

Here is wishing the Kite family a very merry Christmas & a happy new year.
Hope you get a chance to have a few beers (real beer not that lager stuff) I know I plan to put myself on the outside of a couple of rather nice Badger brews.
From myself & all the Nostalgic family.