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Composite video output from PC to TV Answered

Does anybody know how to install a composite video jack into the back of a computer to output video to a television? I just want to put a female rca jack in the back of my PC. Any ideas?



10 years ago

Unless your computer already has "video" output (usually SVIDEO), you'll need a special converter to go from the VGA-style output to normal video. These converters are typically more expensive that a new graphics card that has the composite output already on it, so if you have slots open, you may be better off buying a cheap low-end graphics card that has the "TV out" capability already. (for instance, there is $30 card from Newegg

. One of these should work. Panel mount is probably what you want.
. As caitlinsdad said, you will need a composite signal to run to the jack. Something like this may work.
. Disclaimer: I'm not recommending any of the products or companies linked to. They are just the first good examples I came across.

I think you need to have a graphics card or USB device to convert the RGB computer output to a composite signal. I don't think you can just rig up a cable to do it.