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Computer as composite display device Answered


Okay, here is my problem: I found in my garage a small video camera (not with tape, recording or anything, it just plugs directly into the tv to watch the area) which I had got some years ago, now I would like to start using it again, however I don't think the only tv in the house is a good monitor (it doesn't provide any recording and it already has all rca inputs in use). What I would like to do is connect it to my pc and view the video (and listen to audio) on my computer, then like this I can also record video to the HDD if necessary. The camera has a composite video output and a mono audio output.

All help is appreciated.

P.S. The problem with TV tuner cards is that I already have one, but it is not with me so I can not use it, on the other hand since I do already HAVE one I am not going to buy another one. Damn it when I thought that tuner card was not going to be useful and decided not to take it with me.


There's USB video capture devices on eBay for cheap. Like under $10 shipped. Search for EasyCap. Reviews at Amazon are mixed, which could be because some EasyCaps are cheap(er) or defective knockoffs of the "real" EasyCap device, or because they weren't installed or used correctly. Checking with local computer recyclers may get you a used capture card for cheap. Or you may spot a new old stock card somewhere (the local "The Source" (formerly Radio Shack) had one marked down to $7 recently).

You know what you need, you've clearly identified what it is.
No better solution I can think of.


Yeah, I feared that. I posted the question hoping someone had some other idea. Otherwise, if I can find a cheap TV tuner card, maybe, well, I might have to get it! :-) However I do not need a TV RF in, S-video in, remote control or all that stuff, isn't there anything like composite video in, audio in, that's it? Thanks for the answer anyway

Composite-in isn't that hard to find, and there are some of these devices that aren't that expensive.