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Cordless drill? Answered

Looking at cordless drill I noticed one which stated on it that it produced 32Nm of torque at 2000RPM. This seems a lot are they being optimistic.

None of my drills have it marked on them.


I was just looking at,


Advertisers have sort of a weakness for hyperbole; i.e. writing that makes their products seem bigger, faster, more powerful, etc.

A typical motor torque-speed curve, for a DC motor,


has the shape of a line with negative slope, intersecting torque axis at Tmax, intersecting speed axis at Smax, and it is not too hard to prove the maximum power such a motor can deliver, is

Pmax = (1/4)*Smax*Tmax

Although, even with those generous assumptions, the numbers Dewalt is quoting give a Pmax of around 500 watts, (1/4)*(60 rad/s)*(38 N*m) = 570 W, which to me seems far too high, by about a factor of 10.

It may be that dewalt (and others) are talking about different things to me

-The attached graph is the spec for the motor used on our electric car. It states unequivocally that the torque is 1.15Nm -

This is a motor I know to be large, operating on 24 volts and drawing 20 amps. (500 watts). This doesn't start to compare with the drill motor even considering the drill motor has a considerable gearing down.

motor torque.JPG

Yeah. I think the advertisers lost a decimal point somewhere. Maybe intentionally?

Supposing the motor is geared for a maximum (no load) speed of 575 rev/min = 575*2*pi/60s = 60 rad/s, and maximum torque of 3.8 N*m (rather than 38 N*m), then

Pmax = (1/4)*(60 rad/s)*(3.8 N*m) = 57 W

and that number is a lot more realistic for a cordless drill.

Thanks guys - best answer to you all but the stupid system won't allow that.

6.7kW ?

What batteries were they ?????

I used torque x speed in rad/sec = power....

The spec I'm reading doesn't claim 60Nm at 2K, it claims a stall torque of 60Nm

My thoughts as well - It was a dewalt - This is the spec

even worse this claims 60 Nm

I wonder what they are measuring.


3 years ago

How many people does it take to hold it?

Thinking about those gas powered ice augers with the 2 people spinning around while the auger remains stuck in the ice.


3 years ago

That's 9 HP, way too much for a cordless hand drill !

My thoughts as well - It was a dewalt - This is the spec

even worse this claims 60 Nm

I wonder what they are measuring.