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Could i use an Iphone as an brain? Answered

I wanted to make a butler robot and i was wondering if an Iphone would have enough functions to be a brain for it. if i can how would i put all the functions on it?



Best Answer 6 years ago

You would do better with something more easily hackable, yet cheaper.

Maybe a small laptop or netbook?

Depending on the sort of functionality you're after (do you want it to walk upstairs with a tray of the coffee and toast it made for your breakfast, or just sit at the bar and pour beer?), you would probably, in fact, do well with something like an Arduino.

i know this was quite a long time ago but less then a month after this comment i purchased an Arduino board. 6 months after that i got a R3 motor shield. I then had gotten an irobot create platform. A i have made a nice robot. now i am looking to attempt to get a rasberry pi for Christmas.

Thank you so much!
my interest in robotics exploded after i read this and found out arduino existed.

You could use a PIC microprocessor and add blue tooth so you can control it from your Ipad. Now thats cool.

Needs a good amount of programming knowledge - only you know if you have that or are willing to learn.


6 years ago

I think it would keep trying to phone home. P h o o o n e H o o o o m e .

Not a good idea, far too much hard work.



6 years ago

iPhones can see, memorize, record, compute, lot's of other features but
sorry the mighty iPhone falls short on reasoning ability and value judgement.


Hmmm... After all of the things I use it for...thanks though