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DIY Protective Helmet? Answered

So I'm looking at starting a helmet project with the good ole' pepakura halo helmets, but taking it a step further. Essentially what I am wondering is how one would go about adding some protective foam or padding that can absorb impact (I'm talking motorcycle grade here). The design I'm looking at calls for some custom work, otherwise I'd just gut an existing helmet off the shelf. Does anyone have any ideas on accomplishing this? I'm thinking the helmet shell will be carbon fiber for added durability so I'm hoping to get some feedback on what everyone thinks would be the best protective layer for the inside. Also, please no "For your own safety just buy a helmet and don't worry about the looks" This is a novelty just for fun, but I'd like to know I could use it if I wanted to. Let me know what you think!


I'm not sure what it would take to make a motorcycle grade helmet.
But I do have a store bought bicycle helmet that is mostly styrofoam.

That said, here is a link to a styro-dough recipe that you may want to try.
You could make a batch, mold it into the helmet and let it dry.
Perhaps even add some flocking or fur on top of the  styro-dough while still
wet, so it will be adhered when the dough dries.
Maybe you could experiment with different materials/ additives / binders
to get the results you want.

You could make a square wooden mold for test samples. And then
do  destructive testing on the samples  to find the best recipe.


Use at your own risk.

Proper "safety" helmets are governed by a combination of OSHA and NHTSA (in the U.S.) and ISO standards. These stanards specify not just the material composition and construction, but also testing (including testing to destruction) to ensure that they are adequate to perform the desired task. Those testing standards essentially require that you are able to manufacture multiple identical objects in a reproducible way.

This process is generally not amenable to DIY, prototype construction. You really are better of starting with a manufactured, certified helmet, and appying a "decorative" modification as needed.

In my opinion, your best bet is to buy a helmet that would act as a base and modify it.
you can build\cut what you need to get the shape you want, and it already comes with padding.
Another thing to try is to take an old motorcycle helmet, cut it open and using the padding inside in your pepakura build.
Good luck, and post pictures :)