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Does anyone have a simple test procedure to test the ignition coil from a weed eater or gas blower 2 cycle engine? Answered


I was thinking more in the line of resistance readings. I know how to check for spark. Thanks for your input!


Most of your OHM meters have a resistance setting on them I have one from sears that has it!

The best and least painful way to test only the coil is to go to your local automotive supply store and for 2 maybe 3 dollars buy your self an ignition tester which is a small mostly plastic device that has an alligator clip on one end that you clip onto you engine and then you attach your coil wire to the other end and crank your engine and watch for the spark in the middle. The ignition tester comes with instructions, You can also make one of these with a ink pen tube and a couple of short bolts as soon as i get my camera repaired i will up load it as an instructable!

The usual way is to take the plug out, wedge it on the engine block (preferably not with your hand) and turn the engine over looking for a nice spark. However, I know other people who will hold the plug in their hand and gauge the electric-shock strength as they turn it over.
Looking at your plug is a good idea if you've got ignition problems.