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Does anyone have any good ideas for an action movie? Answered

My friend Josh and I considered making an action movie, mostly just for kicks and giggles. however, I need a good, solid Idea in order to write the script. I already tried facebook, but got nowhere.

anyway, I was thinking something along either a James Bond style or a Matrix style. 

in the paraphrased words of Neo, "it's going to need guns. lots of guns."

also any tips on cheap (safe?) stunts, camera tips, and other helpful hints are welcome and appreciated. I have access to some high-adventure equipment , so heights aren't much of an issue on the stunts point.

Thanks in advance!



6 years ago

Get an action gun movie fx app called GUN MOVIE FX
And its FREE!!!! Limited time only

If you need cheap props, use IndyMogul.
If you want video editing tips for realistic special effects, check out freddiew(episodes) and freddiew2(behind the scenes/editing).

Also, if you're using fake guns, let your neighbors know that you're filming.

I am filming in the Boondocks, so guns should blend right in and I won't have to worry about the neighbors!

Thanks for the feedback!