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Does anyone know how to make FIMO modelling clay supple again.? Answered

I just opened a new package of FIMO and it started to crumble as I molded it. Does anyone know how to make it supple and moldable again. I tried water,no good, warmed it a little, no good, still crumbling. Maybe it has some kind of oil in it? It doesn't have any ingredients on the package either.

* I just found one way to re-activate (make soft) FIMO and SCULPY. A small amount of vasseline worked in to the stuff works wonders. Now to see if it still bakes in the heat and hardens. Will let you know when I know!


* Just found an answer on the web. A small amount of Vaseline worked in does the trick. Not sure if it will harden when I bake it. Will get back with results when I try it.

You can try:

(no guarantees here though so at your own risk),

wetting your hands and moulding the block back to life.

Wetting your hands with a tiny amount of mineral oil (Baby oil is the best source) and working the clay back to life.

keep[ the fimo wrapped in aluminium foil even if still wrapped in the original package.

Whenever I've used FIMO and similar polymer clays, I've just kept working it with my hands until it got supple. It does take a little while, though.

I worked some water into it! When I came back after dinner the cracks were gone! Hooray !