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Don't you just hate field trips? Comment on this topic if you do! Answered

So, next week my class will be having a field trip to CHINA! FOR A WEEK! I mean, C'MON! I HAVE TO BE WITH MY CLASS, RESTRICTED TO WHAT I CAN DO, FOR 7 FRIGGIN DAYS! *Swears like crazy* LOL I spazzed out.... So, who here hates field trips?


I'm not a huge fan unless it's a field trip to somewhere fun. Like the science center or the park. Here's a funny story. The year I graduated we went on a field trip to the art museum (which I liked because I love the art museum around here) and a bunch of people got lost. Haha. How one gets lost in an art museum is lost on me. :P So while the teacher was yelling at them some guy who'd escaped a detention center stashed his gun under a nearby car then tried to rob the art museum's gift shop. Needless to say the trip was cut short.. XD

Well it's better than the alternative.

I hate going on a "plant a tree" feild trip. Ugghhh

we love field trips so much, our head teacher threatened us once that we are going to go to have the trip around the soccer field (Field trip, lol) instead of going to Subic Safari and Bataan (it's in the Philippines)


9 years ago

Dude, I would love to go to China for a week, even if it was with my whole class! :D

I went to china for a year. Beat that suckah!

If I went to China for a whole year, I would cry. I would rather be in Japan (SWIM!!!).

LOL, yeah. I'm so in love with Japan! If the field trip is a trip to Japan, then I couldn't care less if my class, heck my whole school tag along. Would still be fun IMO.

(OK, so I was JK. Even a trip to Japan would have its fun sucked right out if I go with my class, let alone my whole school, but yeah, I like Japan more than China.)

I'm a full Asian that lives in Asia. Win.

but you dont live in china. You live somewhere else.

14 and a quarter years of living in Indonesia > A year of living in China.

I got tired of china after 2 or 3 months.

I never got tired of Indonesia. Our bootleg DVDs rock!

Well,its not that I hate China, its just that I'm very restricted to what I can do, what with the whole class thing and all.....I would LOVE to go to China for a week if I go with a select group of friends or my family, but not with my class :-P

I like field trips :D Especially ones where only like 15 people go on them, because usually there's more things we're allowed to do. Like for math team we got to go to the mall and stuff and we're going to go on another field trip because we made it to state.

I disagree, but its your opinion :-P

On your field trip are you going to be supervised all the time?

Most of the time, but that's not the point. I hate it because I have to spend a whole week with my class, restricted to my actions.

If you're supervised a lot it restricts your actions even more. I hate going certain places with my whole class, there are people that just ruin things :\

I agree! Its not that I hate China, I would love to go if I were to be accompanied by my family or a select group of friends, but this?! Its just so damn annoying!

If I was going to go to China I think I'd rather go with my family or some friends too. Going with a big group of people would just be a bit hard to deal with because I like to go places all the time but if there was a big group I'm sure we'd end up waiting for other people a whole bunch.

Word. That's exactly what I'm talkin' about!


9 years ago

I actually like field trips. They're a lot better than sitting in a classroom and listening to lecture.

Some field trips beats school, I agree. But THIS?! You have to go out of town with your class for a week?! ARGH!

Haha, i actually like my class. Oh well, i get what you're saying

Yeah, people have different opinions. I also get what you're saying, but IMO I think its a bunch of crap (LOL). You might also think my opinion is a bunch of crap, but I'm cool with it :-P

I love field trips. Organized fun is the best fun.

If you're not having fun, it's misery. Misery loves company. Company breeds contempt. Contempt builds character. Something like that...

I disagree also. Organized fun can indeed be awesome, but I personally don't think it's the best fun. Just my opinion though.

Yeah. Organized fun can be fun, and I've had some organized fun (not in the form of field trips), but you really need to either get out or stay in more if you think it's the best fun....

I like field trips, but I never get to go on any.

You never get to go on any? Well IMO that's good, cuz field trips suck.

the rules suck. And the rules about who gets to go on field trips suck too.

The rules does suck. That's why you joined my group.

Speaking from the viewpoint of a field trip chaperone, a duty which I have fulfilled many times ( it's not that I don't trust my kid, its the others I worry about), we keep a mental list of the first people to kick overboard or leave dangling from the lifeboat in shark-infested waters just in case of an emergency situation. Nobody likes a whiner in the group when they are travelling. Are you the only one whining or just the loudest? A lot of people have put an effort to give you an opportunity to learn something. Give it a chance.

Yeah, I'm the whiner, cuz I'm FORCED to go on this field trip. If they don't like a whiner, then they shouldn't force people who don't want to go to go. They can be mad at me if the field trip is OPTIONAL, cuz I'm not forced to go and if I whine, its my own fault, but no, the kids don't get a say.....Field trips are 100% mandatory. Friggin principal....

Sounds like you and principal are travel buddies...have a nice trip!

He was being sarcastic, cuz in my previous comment its implied that I hate the principal, yet he said that me and the principal are travel buddies.

no, if I said ...and watch out for the doorknob of the swinging door behind you...wait, that's just funny.



I don't think I want to get on your bad side.

>Cheesy grin<

Here, just sit down and relax, O awesome one. I'll get you an ice cold drink. I'll massage your feet. I'll babysit Caitlin. See how much better life and the universe and everything is when I'm around? I'm the last person you want to kick overboard!

Desperately hopes it works