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Drafting ruler. Answered

I'm from estonia.  Local stores don't sell much different items as in bigger countries.
So i'm missing many good things to DIY.  
I need drafting board with straight  up and down movable ruler. 100% straight lines can't be done only by hand and ruler. 
I have particle board and some L and U brackets. 
Idea is do make drafting board  like this http://i.ebayimg.com/00/s/MTA1NFgxNjAw/z/0dEAAOxyeR9TF7AP/$_57.JPG

Problem is ruler. I haven't found right ruler mechanism from stores.
I think I need to make mechanism for ruler. How?
With  fishing line like this http://ep.yimg.com/ay/draftingsteals-store/para-liner-delux-parallel-straightedges-by-alvin-3.gif
I have also seen rollers and fishing line on ruler.  Fishing line under the board is way more better than on the board.



I think that this is the solution for my problem .


I Also thought using lamp leg what I have.

Problem is that lamp leg is not flat enough.


Great just great. No t-square in hardwear store.

Only simple school kid rulers in other stores.

If I don't find anything from hardwear store.

I think I have to buy from amazone or ebay.

Right now only solution what I think I can make is with rollers and fishing line.

Bobbins may work. Plastic is not strong and metal ones are too high.


Why not just make a simple T-square and square up the edge of your drawing board? You would probably need to calibrate and recheck often with a mechanism like that. And you can only push the mechanism to the top or bottom when you need to lift off a T-square or other instruments to better look at your completed drawing. Good luck.

With only 90 degree edge and T square I can't use triangular rulers fore angled lines. Because angled board is better for drawing and drafting.

I think you are still looking at the Ferrari when you need to learn how to drive first.


I have learned two years technical carpetner drafting in wood bench worker class. I have wood bench worker certificate. I know how to draft table, shelf etc. More I need to learn.

One thing what I was thinking was T-square mounted side of the board.

Problem was that how to fix the T-square position so it won't slide down.

I have broken desk lamp leg designed without the springs like this http://whoeverdesignedthisisanahole.files.wordpress.com/2011/12/lens16198591_1291696168clamp-on-desk-lamp.jpg

Some desk lamps use a suitable mechanism that you can take the measurements of.

It is basically two straight pieces of steel mounted on hinges at the same distance on both ends.

You can make the hinge section from strong plastic or aluminium, the "arms are best made from aluminium square tubing.
This gives you a holder for the ruler that always keeps the ruler at the same angle.
As you will need vertical and horizontal straight lines I suggest to use a metal 90° angle ruler - can be found in any good hardware store in different sizes.
To mount it you could make two disk, one mounted on the arm and slightly bigger in diameter.

This disk should have a degree wheel on it (you can find templates to print out online).

The other disk will be mounted to the ruler, again with at leat one 90° anle printed on it so you can align the disk with thw ruler.

Drill through both disk centres and place a silicone or rubber disk between the two.

Using a bolt with the same diameter as your drilled hole you can secure the ruler.

With a tumb screw yo can easily adjust the "lock" so you can move t and angle you like, tighten up to keep it in that angle.
The degree wheel will give you accurate indication of the angle of your lines.