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Encouraging people to vote/rate ibles Answered

It's chronic, among any site that has a rating system... There are a million views on something, and...4 votes. Our voting system is HUGELY weighted against single votes having a large skew - but 'most' ibles, even those featured getting tonnes of hits (from obviously registered users, who are commenting)- arent getting many/any votes. This makes the 'popular/highest rated' ibles ...hard to find. How would we feel about having a voting alias next to the comment box? - not for replies, but next to 'add a comment' - with something like 'dont forget to rate!'



9 years ago

very good idea...i thought of something simmilar a while back...
i rated this ;P

The place to vote doesn't appear on my screen until i shift screen to the left, Maybe folks don't see it. When i first signed up i had no idea how to vote.

Are you on firefox or IE? What screen resolution - even on a smallish screen at 1280x1024 I can see everything in ff.

I'm on IE. I don't know what the resolution is. I just left everything the way it was when i bought my computer. I was afraid i'd mess something up if started tinkering with the settings. Where do i change settings at? MY COMPUTER>SETTINGS>?

In xp (and I think vista is similar but not verbatim) display settings can be found in control panel>display - OR right click on the desktop> properties. In the display properties tab, you'll choose the 'settings' tab. Towards the bottom you'll see a slider that allows you to change the settings. If you have a standard format lcd screen, it'll likely be 1280x1024 'somewhat standard' (5:4 format) for a widescreen lcd you'll use something with a wide ratio: 1280x768 etc (16:10 or 16:9 format) On an older crt monitor, you'll use a 4:3 format, like 1024x768 or 1600x1200 The lower the number, the less pixels it draws, and the bigger things will look, but you'll have less screen area. The bigger the numbers, the more area it crams in, things are smaller - but you can see more at once. LASTLY - important. If you choose a format that is bigger than your monitor can support then the screen may go wonky. Don't Panic! Wait 30 seconds and it will return to normal (as in, you didn't hit the yes button on the 'do you want to keep this new setting' box. Good luck! *ps instructables is designed to look best on firefox.

Thanks so much for the help. Things look much better now. I'm going to check out firefox next. Very helpful thanks again.

You're very welcome! www.getfirefox.com for an IE user, its almost all the same buttons, some interfaces are slightly different, but it will import all your settings from IE - the transition is painless.

The rating system does weight the first rating to around 3 (please see the chart I posted Mar 12), but once you've got a few ratings it starts kicking-in at more realistic values.
I'd say that not rating something is a rating in it's self, but as you observe it's a lack of ratings that are stuffing the distribution-up around 3


And I agree - you offer evidence to HOW it works: if votecount<5 then add 5-n votes @ 3, then average that weighted list. - thats not a problem, in that it prevents ibles from being smashed by a troll, or boosted by a faker. My point indeed. Great ibles end up rated 4+, crap or spam ends up rated <2 - but when theres only 1 vote, every ible is '3ish' My suggestion is to encourage more people to vote. 'note voting to show dissatisfaction' in this case means it ends up in the 'average' heap.

There are other sortings available: "popular" sorts I'bles according to number of comments, "zeitgeist" sorts according to most recent comment. Comments alone don't necessarily even indicate interest in the I'ble or Forum topic involved! On more than one occasion, I've jumped in to respond to a comment from one of my ~~targets~~ subscribees, and never even paid attention to the I'ble where that comment appeared.

While thats true - it wasnt the entire point of the suggestion - just a supporting thought. Either up the amount of people voting, or lower the hedging.... :D