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FSSG Answered

Here is the video for my new gun, I cannot add it to the slideshow (obviously) so here it is



8 years ago

nice! post!

well, as so many people asked I have decided to post it, I have taken the pictures and it should be done by the end of this weekend (labour day ftw!)

no prob, I start the ible tomorrow, are you going to build it?

NOE WAIZ! I'll stay up for it! Please make sure the pictures aren't too blurry.

it is now posted, just finished it =D, pics are real good

10 I think, but I prefer not to as most of the time they get stuck in the barrel and loading them is a real pain


8 years ago

Nice. How many #64's can it hold?
I'd build if you show a couple internal/ trigger pics.

Oh, cool!
I'll probably build. But modified, probably a lot more compact.

see if you can mod the front to a 4 shot turret, that would be awsome

Hmm. Links won't work for me. =(
But click on my name, and go to the forum "Tiny turret design", you could try that.

meh, I have a plan myself but there is something else I want to build, a bullpip light battle rifle

well, the big band streched to the front of the gun is a 64, the rest are 62's, (they are a better band, for me at least) I have about 4 62's on in the video but it can hold up to 8, plus 2 64's, the problem is with too many bands it blocks the pin

1 because I have 6 boxes of 64's and only 3 of 62's
2 at my local paper plus (I don't live in america or britain)

.....you just broke the 9th commandment, but I live in NZ, (best country ever)

Even though I'm British, I love the accent.

Great gun by the look of it, I like the new break-action idea.


That's a really good idea for a single shot, Is it your TVIKT entry