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Giant Slip 'n' Slide? Answered

Hey Guys

    I'm graduating high school in two weeks and my friend and I were talking about something to do the day after finals. I brought up doing a Slip n Slide down a nearby sledding hill. I found a site that has some basic information on the hill. It's 200-300 feet long and has a 60 degree slope. Yeah pretty steep haha. So here's what I need to know:

What is a good material for this slide that will hold together but is still relatively cheap? Tarps were the original idea but I was told menards may have large rolls of plastic you can roll down a hill.

What is the best combination to get the slide slippery? We dont have access to water so we'll be bringing just enough in garbage cans to wet it down. So what kind of soap or lubricant is best for the slide? It would help if it didn't burn afterwards!

Thanks for the help in advance.

Picture of the hill in winter  3.bp.blogspot.com/_ymkfNB3shbw/R1sBuKwdScI/AAAAAAAAAUU/JD8auciBxMM/s400/sled22.jpg


From what I searched online, most people mentioned the dish soap works best for them. But there are plenty of other options. Check this http://www.channalinflatables.com/How-To-Make-Slip-And-Slide-More-Slippery-id49350.html

I'm curious, how did it go?

Thanks for the help guys. I bought 250 ft. of painting plastic. Its only 1 mm thick though. Do you think this will hold after we put water on it?

We made a 100ft slide for our kids last summer on a hill in our yard and we used (I think) 6mm landscaping plastic - it's a bit thicker and holds up a lot better than painters plastic - especially with 15 or so kids going down it for three days. We also used a "gentle" dish soap to add a little more zip. The plastic we got from Lowe's for about $75.

You can buy rolls of plastic sheeting at a home improvement store that work fantastically. A lot of things work for the lubricant: shampoo, oil, dish washing soap, etc, but not all are good for the environment or you. I suggest mineral oil (baby oil). 

Keep in mind that you need a water source, and if it's windy a way to keep the plastic down. Tent stakes (for a one time use) or some type of weight will work.

Good luck, it's a lot of fun!


8 years ago

How 'bout this?

Look in the home painting section in the stores and get plastic sheet rolls.  Make sure you read how big it gets when unrolled, some are alot wider than you expect when you don't pay attn.  Since you are bringing your own water you need at the least a few bottles of baby oil to smother yourselves in.  But you still need the water.  Maybe you could take something to hold water in at the top like a rain barrel (clean trash can) and use gravity and a small hole/hose to put down the water.  Just some random thoughts from a mis-spent youth.

Buy some cheap sledges, add wheels, and make like it's winter!