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Giant knex crossbow to combat wicky's Answered

i created a big crossbow to combat Wicky's decimator


 There is a lot of your sister's stuff on the ground...

orsome gun

thanks took some time to make i made modded versions that took the top rail off and doubled it in size

Do you wanna have a challenge? I am modding IAC's heavy cannon, so maby we could compete? An almost up-to date image.


mines also being modded but ive lost 4 strings so im gunna rebuild bow to hopefully stop strings snapping as much and there is no more fake scope i may build new one but first need new bow and maybe a stand

What new on it O.o Besides the bendys on the front.

That is his cannon that I built. I AM IN THE PROCESS OF MODDING IT!!!

Oh, and there is a new front handle.


9 years ago

It looks kinda the same..it has a grip and a scope that does not work.
The trigger system has no pieces that reinforce the gray connector at the tail of the arrow, and better start taping arrows because red connectors will not survive the strain.
From what I have gathered in experience after making the decimator I could make it way better.

Sorry if it was kinda harsh, but it did say combat =|

i couldnt be bothered to make it better its powerful though but im round frinds house now s i cant do more mods and yes i had to tape arrows an i needed more tape to make arrow heavier