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Greetings. Seeking any advice on a food safe adhesive for pebbles.... Answered

Recently built a pebble patio under my orgainically maintained apple tree d/t area always muddy from lack of sun.
I need to spray the pebbles with some sort of  adhesive to maintain the pebble's integrity. 
Any homemade suggestions or store- bought would be happily embraced. 


You can buy a 2 part epoxy adhesive and pour it over the pebbles and let it cure. Most resins when they are dried are nearly rock hard themselves and inert, therefore food safe.

canucksgirl - thank you much. I will try this product as seems safe as
long as it does not enter into the root system.
Probably will be expensive for size of the pebble patio but better than
Thank you again.

This is one that my dad uses. It can be bought at most home improvement stores and in places like Michaels.


It's usual to set the pebbles in cement.

Hi rickharris - thanks much for reply. Setting in cement did not cross my
mind incase down the road I decided forego d/t leaves and other
debries contaminating site. Purchased a product called Quikrete to
spray on the finished product but what few ingredients listed, Ethylene Glyco
was one which is hazardous to health. Therefore, decided against this