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Has anyone been to prison? Answered

Im starting a group about making stuff out of the few things you get while in prison. Ways to spend your time or ways to escape. I've done some time doing research in jail once but not in prison. I was hoping some current or previous inmates could share their knowledgebase.

Boat Drinks
prison life



No, and i don't plan to.

I made a shank instructable but it's still in the publishing process

how do you make a shank like the one show in this picture

a shank is a shap peice of anthing that you scrape across the skin of victims


6 years ago

I got myself into lots of trouble because I did not do "politics" well. Once I got into solitary, I had my most "fun". I did some nice paintings with M&M colors, blow guns where a blast, I had some killer hustle on TV antennas (due to the digital change over...lol), made tons of booze, but my favorite thing was "fishing". Its amazing what you can get in a cell with some string!


9 years ago

I've been to prison in England and i couldn't believe how easy it is to get hold of a knife or whatever... maybe it's because women's prisons are more relaxed or something but if you work in the kitchens or gardens it is sooo easy to steal anything from them... and razors too, you just buy them off canteen

Surely dumb criminals are more likely to get caught than smart ones.

Have you checked clear-up rates recently?

I have been the victim of several crimes, two of them violent, in two separate major cities - for every one, the police were quite open about the fact that they probably wouldn't catch them. When I was mugged in Manchester (somebody jumped out of a doorway and kicked me in the back of the head), the police asked me to describe my assailant. I got as far as "He was black..." and they closed their note-books and said "Forget it, we'll never find him".

When my front door was crow-barred off in Liverpool, and my flat emptied, they took prints and a statement, and were very careful to give me a crime number so I could claim on my insurance, but the desk-sergeant was very clear that the thieves would never be caught, unless they tried to sell us our own stuff in the pub.

Well that's just you English folk, our cops do their job, and if they don't, Dog the bounty hunter goes after them.


Well that's just you English folk, our cops do their job,

Ha! I called the police after my car was broken into in oakland. They asked if it was happening at that time. I said no. Then they told me to go to their website, print out a report form and mail it in. On their website it says that there would be no response. I used the instructable on how to fume for prints -- and got a partial print off the screwdriver used to break the glass.... ($200 later, I have new rear glass).

A few years ago, two of my tires and two of my parent's tires were slashed. A cop actually came (different city this time), wrote down some information and said they likely won't be able to do anything because the value of damage is below $500 AND that it was considered two separate instances because it was two different cars. If combined, the value would have been high enough to open a file....

A friend of mine had her apartment cleaned out too... Same experience as Kiteman.

My roommate's car was stolen. She had to pay the police because it was impounded.

My buddy's bike was lifted. They even had a photograph of the person going through a toll booth (without paying). Cops said there was nothing they could do.

It's funny, I am aware of all these bad experiences - yet I'm not very paranoid about my possessions. Although, I refused to leave my car in Oakland while I was off at work (a pity because I like biking)....

I've got a few stories like these here. A few friends of mine were taunted by some redneck ME assholes at a McDonald's of all places, so they retaliate by disposing of there half empty shake on the guys windshield. a chase ensues, with the rednecks in tow, when my friend slows down the guy chasing him rear ended him, turning as he did. My friends, and there car flipped into a ditch on the side of the road, the car was totaled, but luckily nobody was seriously hurt. They got the license plate of the truck, but when given to the police, absolutely no action was taken. Even after my friend payed $35 to get the name and address of the registered owner of the truck. Nothing from the cops.

911 is a joke in my town. Seriously though cops are only around to give speeding tickets

hehe i live in manchester maybe it we ME mwhahahahaaa

Somehow I doubt it, unless you were an extremely talented toddler.

extremely talented? yes. toddler? hell no

Does being threatened by Prince Charles' bodyguard count?

You were threatend by Prince Charles bodyguard??!!

He was opening the Liverpool Tate, and I was covering it for the student newspaper. I was climbing a wall to get a better shot (camera!), when a bloke in a suit pulled me off the wall. I started to give him a mouthful, but you know that stereotypical thing on TV when the bad guy opens his jacket slightly to show you his gun? It's not a stereotype - this bloke did it for real! When he said get lost, I did!

Cool in the telling, damn scary at the time!

Something to tell the grandkids (in your case sooner rather than later) :P (Just kidding)

pff. That's Charlie for you. (=

Where the cops aren't Dirty Harry wannabees, they really are Dirty Harry...

Ever try using that institutional type toilet-paper to make a rope? I was able to suspend my entire weight on an eight foot length I once made, because I was bored. It was just three strands, twisted then woven together. But you have to keep it dry or it breaks easy! But don't bother using this as a garrote, because dental-floss with toilet-paper handles will always outperform, and flush easy.

Inventiveness greatly depends on where you're imprisoned. In some countries, inmates are only allowed to wear prison shorts, and singlet. No other personal belongings allowed other than a pair of flip-flops. Inmates are given threads to remove facial hair (threading technique). Even toothbrush must be returned to the guards once they're done brushing their teeth..

lol this is off topic now

Look for a book called "Prisoners Inventions" by Angelo published by WhiteWalls and Temporary Services. It's a paper book sometimes available as a download. Lots of practical/non-weapon related items.

The fine, fine book "You Ain't Got Nothin' Coming" by Jimmy Lerner taught me about an implement called the trazor (toothbrush plus razor): The inmate stomps on a disposable razor and retrieves the blade. He then heats the toothbrush handle end with a lighter and embeds the blade in the melted plastic. Not only is his dental health assured; but he has a MacGyver-like scalpel. Sounds a lot more wicked than the other Lerner device, the Slock (sock plus padlock...you can figure this out yourselves).

No...I'm too old to need a trazor. Just offering my knowledge to the group.

That kind of thing is often done in prisons, along with melting the tip of a pen into plastic, and sharpening the metal handle of a stock coffee cup. Inmates are pretty smart... I also know they will wear several layers of clothing as "armor".

Excuse me, if they were pretty smart they wouldn't be in prison, would they?