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Hello people of instructables! What are some fun outdoor projects for an 11 yr. old girl? Answered

I'm a bit of a tomboy so I like doing projects, and my friends and I are always looking for things to do. What are some fun projects that aren't too dangerous, but are fun at the same time?



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Construction.  My good friend's daughter decided she wanted a playhouse in their backyard, and wanted it to have windows and lights.  She did a lot of research on the Web (and asked both me and her Dad for advice) and designed the building herself to normal building codes.  That meant studs on 16" centers, Romex wiring with a GFCI breaker back to the house mains, windows and roof vent with proper flashing, a perimeter foundation with bolted columns, and so on.

Most of the actual construction work she did herself -- including wielding serious power tools :-) -- over the course of about 3 months.  The final building is really nice, insulated with lights and even a skylight.  It looks like a regular house, just smaller.  And it's built like a tank.

Thanks, that does help a good deal. I will try that.

Seconded - groups can undertake far larger projects than lone workers.

The projects here are not sorted or categorised age (except for the vague title "kids"), because whatever age you are, tastes and skill-levels vary.

Your best bet is to get together with all your friends, think of a few vague ideas, then use those as keywords to search the site.  If you hit the browse button, there is also a "random" tab which can pop up some inspiring ideas.

Cool. Once my friends and I find the materials, we'll get started right away.

Well... I guess tomboys like to climb trees right? You and all of your friends could put up a tire swing. That shouldn't be too hard.

Two words... Tye Dye. The best outdoor fun you'll have in a long time, with the actual making of the shirts is very simple, and boxed Tye Dye sets usually come with a step by step instructions.

Search for water powered rockets on this site.

 ummm flower beds umm compost bins are good edging is cool raised flower beds umm granted you need certain hardware but i also recommend like a path or even planting some plants me and my mom do projects like this all the time in our yard granted i am a 15 year old dude and am used more like a pack horse for my moms projects because she cant lift stuff i can but see what your mom or dad would like to do then help them that would be a good start

A garden either flower or vegetable.