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Help with building Disco lights please? Answered

Does anyone out there know how I can get 4 coloured flourecent tubes to come on instantly when connected to a 4 channel disco controller?

There is a delay I think because of the starter in each fitting, but i am sure someone will know how to over come this!

Thanking you.




There are such things as "instant-on" fluorescent fixtures, but even those don't really achieve full brightness immediately. Also, rapidly switching the power on and off will greatly decrease the life of the fixture. I wish you luck, though.

If you want instant on you will probably have to change bulb types to an incandescent.

This is my hangup on the new cf lights.  If I want to turn on a light, I want full brightness now not 2 or 3 mins later.

Think about using led and a reflector to spread the light.

Yup, there is a very good reason why incandescents still dominate the field of stage lighting. Fluorescents are cheap, but not responsive, dimmable or bright enough, LED's are very controllable, but not bright or affordable enough (but they're getting better all the time), and the very bright arc lamps used in smart lights are not directly dimmable, are super-expensive, the fixtures eat a ton of control channels, and they're not very good for lighting effects subtler than a KISS concert.
Incandescent is still the way to go, IMO.