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How can I combine stereo audio from a 3.5mm connector to an RJ11 phone jack? Answered

so I can listen to music while I am on a call. I am using a binaural cordless headset that has a base with an RJ11 jack for the phone headset connect from the phone line. There has to be an easy way to merge the phone line input with my audio input; like a reverse 'Y' connector, one RJ11 connector the other a 3.5mm male connector, to combine to an RJ11 Male connector. I know there is a trick to doing this. That's where the Instructables community can help! Thanks!



8 years ago

 i think what you are referring to is the jack that normally connects the handset to the base station on wired phones. i believe it might be  possible through that jack... i have several adapters that wire in to that to record conversations.

 Re-design and orksecurity, I do understand about the telco thing but that is not what I am trying to do. Zerogx is closer to what I am talking about.
Let me try to explain a little better:
1) I have a telephone base. the base gets the line-in from Telco.
2) I have a wireless phone that gets the headset output that connects to the wireless phone base via an RJ11 jack.
3) I have an iPhone/iPod or computer speaker output that I want to play music to my wireless headset along with the phone call.
4) the music output is via 3.5mm that I would like to merge with the headset receiver input that goes to the wireless headset

I have no intention to mess with any Telco signal.

The Music on-hold thing is sort of the idea except I want the music to be a background music for me, not for the person on the other end when I put them on-hold. they already have the music on-hold. I want the music to play only for me while I am on or off the call. Like a regular pair of wireless headphones 100% of the time and as a wireless phone headset the other times, as the calls come in.

Now, is that possible?

 so as i understand it now... you have a wireless adapter for your headset connected into the handset jack on the base? (NOT THE RJ11 from the wall)

Nope.  You gotta use an adapter called "music on hold" if you phone doesn't have it built in.  Otherwise the phone circuitry just filters it out.  You may short out your sound source or cause interference on the phone line with out the adapter.

WHen the phone rings 90 volts hit the ringer and you source won't be able to take the hit.

Exactly. You should not connect ANYTHING to the phone lines that has not been approved by telco, for safety reasons -- your own and everyone else's. If Telco finds you violating this rule, they're within their rights to cancel your account and disconnect your wires.  And it's just plain a Bad Idea.

If you're prototyping something, there are isolation devices which you can purchase that give you a simulated phone line to work on and couple only legitimate signals through to the actual phone line. That way your ability to hurt yourself or others is much reduced.

So as R-d said, the "easy way" really is to get something designed for the purpose which already provides the needed isolation.