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How can I make a wireless speaker out of an old cordless phone? Answered

I have a cordless phone. I would like to play music through it. How can I hook up a headphone cord to the base of the phone so that the signal goes from my audio source through the headphone cord, to the base then to the handset?


The sound will be really bad... I would suggest just breaking down and buying a good wireless sound system. It would be even better to just use a wired system if possible... I do pro audio, and anything I use wireless, I have to spend $500 + to make it sound halfway decent. If at all possible go wired. Much cheaper.

The cheapest wireless system I've found was X10's remote video link. The video channel actually has enough bandwidth that some pros have pressed it into service for doing downlink of digital data from building to truck. That and a local amplifier and speaker might be workable for a single connection.

On the other hand, I'm more likely to solve this by just putting my audio through my existing WiFi network.

Can you explain a little more about this cool little hack? I've searched and couldn't find any info on transmitting data. A link or a tip would be awesome! I have one and I gotta try this.

... though putting it through WiFi will introduce some delays -- buffering if nothing else.

I think you're right that wired is probably the best answer when possible, and use wireless just to exercise remote control over the central system.

Wireless by nature has problems that a wired system will not have (or will have less of)... such as interference, battery life, range, part 15 of the FCC rules and regulations... that sort of thing... ;)

Does it have an option to talk from the base station with the mobile handset (internal call)?
If so, yes that is possible.

Remove the microphone of the base station and connect your audio source there. You will need to reduce the level with a resistor divider (and/or potentiometer).

Start the audio source.
Make whatever is necessary to make the internal call.
When the handset rings, accept the call and put it in speaker mode.

If your handset doesn't have a speaker mode (hands free or however you call that), you might have to add a littler amplifier and a speaker to it.

Whatever you do, you will not be able to use anything on the base station that needs the microphone (answering machine, leave messages etc.) any more.

And, the music quality will be ...er... not good. It is just a telephone after all. Designed to transport human voice (400..4000Hz) no bass, no treble, just mono.