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How can I make my own "acrylic paper"? Answered

Acrylic paper is used to keep acrylic paint wet inside an enclosed box (later use, transportation, etc...). What can I use to make my own because it seems a bit pricey even for a few sheets? Perhaps blending some sort of acrylic paint/emulsion with scraps of paper to make my own sheets of "paper". Although I'm not sure as to the absorption rate and whether it would actually hold any moisture. Any suggestions?



8 years ago

Don't know if it will work for you, but 2oz Solo (or similar) sauce (?) cups work well for keeping individual acrylic colors.   They're clear or frosted plastic with relatively airtight lids... you've probably seen them used for salad dressing at take-out places.  They're available in sleeves of 100 or more at restaurant supply stores. You can rinse and reuse them, but they're inexpensive enough (pennies) to toss if the paint dries up.

Given a misting of water before closing,  acrylic paint will easily keep for a day or so... remist the paint regularly if you aren't using them daily.   One advantage of the cups is that only the colors you are using need to be open at any time.  

I've used cups before and they are pretty good, until you have acquired a dozen or two and they are rattling around in your little storage tin taking up alot of space.  Don't get me wrong though, they are a good idea, just not quite what I'm after.

The idea to keep things moist is the storage tin/box encloses a sponge at the bottom (which is damp but not soggy) with "acrylic paper" on top which soaks up that water just enough to keep the paints moist on top of that. With the paper, I can continue to use it as if it were an open pallet to also mix and blend things on top of (using my pallet knife to mix and scrap to do so as well). Since it is acrylic paper, it holds up better and is reusable much longer than regular wax paper in this case, I think... though I have yet to try wax paper.

So having the absorption of paper plus the durability of the acrylic is what spurned my curiosity of making something similar. 

Cellophane might work for what you want.

You're talking about a "lid" to float on the paint?
I'd suggest that soaking paper in wax, but I think heavy plastic would do better like a polyethylene bag.


regular grease proof paper you can buy in the supermarket baking aisle will do the same. Cut to shape and soak under the tap squeeze the excess water out and place over your acrylic paint.

Alternatively you can cover your paint pallet (I use an old plate) with cling film (Saren wrap)  this will stop water in the paint evaporating and keep it useable for quite a long time.

Grease proof? By that do you mean wax paper? I'm wondering if heavy use (the constant absorption of the water and paint) would deteriorate the actual paper underneath all that wax?

The cling film is a good idea but can get a little messy at times.

Thanks for the suggestions, Rick!