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How can I repurpose an upright base w/ a broken neck? Answered

If I can repair the neck that would be great, if not, then what? I just cant see throwing this beauty in the garbage. So what can I make w/ it? A table, a shelf? Help!!!!


What is it?


Hmm, I'd think it the wrong shape for either a table or shelf. How bad is the neck?


A photo of the victim would be really helpful.

I had an upright with a broken socket. The neck was okay but the socket wasn't replaceable so I made a coat rack out of it. Would that work?

base or vase? If a vase, and if china, you could carefully cut the top section off. Alternatively, you could glue the broken pieces back on.

In either case, it's probably going to be unsuitable for food items, since the glazing will have been compromised, but it could be used as a vase for dried flower arrangements.

Could also be used as a pencil holder or similar (chopsticks, straws, etc.)

If glass/crystal, the same advise goes, using a glass cutter.

If a bass (not base), ie, a bass viola, well, I'm not sure how broken it is, so I can't say whether it could be repaired. I suppose the neck could be replaced. If the instrument was of any appreciable value in the first place, that would likely be the best course of action.

If not, I suppose you could repair using a combination of glue and embedded bracing.