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How can I start a old monitor flyback transformer using its own driver? Answered

I found an old monitor which i am pretty sure that it is not broken and it works now i wana use the high voltage output using the monitor driver but i dont know form which part should i get the high voltage please help me i need this immiedtly thanks


and one other thing that I am worried about is that the monitor works by showing sth and now there is now data to be shown and II am worried if there is no HV output because of this


When there is no high voltage on the tube screen...

You cannot expect to see data !!!!


7 months ago

So I'm convinced that you will not electrocute yourself.

Here is a pinout... and an unrelated circuit schematic..

Click the pic to see the whole image..


thanks now i just wana make sure that I have not misunderstood first i have to plug the whole circuit in and then I should approximate the electrodes (the HV and HV GND) then I will recive the arc correct?

You must generate pulsed or alternating current across the primary preferably using the power transistors attached to the surrounding aluminum cage heatsink.. Then you may get the arc between the high voltage red wire with the glass clip and a good wire attached to the ground pin..

Never arc to the pcb trace...

When you adjust a wire under power put one hand in your back pocket and use a 15" long insulated glass or ee plastic stick...

thanks for your warns but i actually have enough information abount the dangers and the problem of those enormous capacitors and i have consulted some pros who have worked with flyback and now my problem is on finding the GND pin if you need photo to answer me I can give one


Also, old monitors can have some very nasty chemicals in them such as lead, mercury, cadmium and beryllim.

Yes, never lick or suck on old monitors.

You could have told me that years ago!
I gave up lollies for my old BW TV :(
But I guess this explains the blisters, blood in the urine and constant headaches since my last tooth fell out....
Still does not explain why my doc always wears a hazmat suit when I visit, guess he must have some nasty chemicals in his desk somewhere...

Exactly! Those chemicals are harmful, especially when orally ingested. Please do not put your mouth anywhere near an old monitor.

I think immediately is going to take some time.

The reason why is because the first thing you should do is learn more about how the high voltage supply for a CRT actually works, and also which parts you should not touch while the circuit is energized (which is most of it), and also which parts might still hold a charge even when the circuit is turned off.

A good place to start is the Wikipedia article for "Flyback transformer"

That gives an overview. From there you probably want to ask your favorite search engine, "how to repair crt high voltage supply", or ask an image-search to show you "circuit diagram for high voltage supply"

Or ask the instructables Let's Make search, how to make, "high voltage" or "flyback transformer"

I think there a few 'ibles on those topics.

Others answering this question have suggested you not mess with this old monitor at all, but I am going to suggest you proceed with caution.

I think the thing that is really going to be dangerous for you is your own impatience,

please help me i need this [immediately] thanks

It is not good to rush through tasks that are both complicated and dangerous.

By the way, I am sorry for not giving you an quick, instantly useful answer.

I am going to conclude this with the old advice from Sun Tzu:

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result
of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every
victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the
enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”
— Sun Tzu



7 months ago

What we are saying is ;

It is good to experiment with old electronics where if you make an error the unit gets destroyed and you learn through your mistakes..

But please stay away from this old monitor because it stores enough energy to stop your heart if you touch the wrong thing and then you never learn anything ever !!!

you will learn that electricity hurts. A lot

If you don't know it then please don't do it.
Not worth risking your life playing with high voltage.