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How could I wipe a harddrive? Answered

I need to wipe a hard drive completely ( and reuse it) while it is in the dos mode . My wife did it again and her computer is down


Step one: Get a new wife.

well, you could use thermite. but then you wouldn't be able to use the harddrive again..

There is a program available called Killdisk that I have used in the past. You just have to install it to a floppy drive, flash drive, or a CD, and boot the computer with both the Killdisk disc and the hard drive to wipe hooked up, and set to boot from wherever you have Killdisk installed. The free version has the ability to write over either the whole drive or all free space with ones. If you pay for the full version, it can wipe selected portions or everything but the OS as well, and with DoD-certified encryption.

Thanks my wife is driving me crazy