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How do I re-install the OS in a TABLET PC without a CD/DVD Drive? The Original HDD Died and can't be used again. Answered

I have a FUJITSU STYLISTIC 3400 TABLET PC. But the Hard Drive died and I want to Update to a bigger HDD anyways. The problem is the tablet doesn't have a CD Drive. I tried using a USB CD Drive, but the tablet doesn't recognize it. Can anybody give me some input? All and any help will be appreciated.
Mr. Lunna Xiii


my android tab was not working yet...............
when it opens,,, the desktop& menu are not appear
the logo of android is only appears
my tab is implus 4GB

UPDATE: Now i have it running Windows XP Tablet PC edition. Everything works great but the touchscreen seems to have many dead spots where the pen does not work, and the Right click doesn't work either. It used to work absolutely perfect before the HDD died. So far it is just an "old laptop" instead of an old Tablet PC. Maybe time to buy a New Tablet PC? But, never an iPad. Thanks everybody!!

I forgot to add this little pointer in the first post. From what I have read with your XP pc tablet edition you still need the penX drivers to get it to work you can download them from the german support site for fujitsu.
This guy has a very extensive site about the 3400/3500 tablets

Do you have that clone image for the 3500??? that would be immensely helpful to me! I have a 3500 with no OS installed and a 20 gig HD. if you could be so kind as to forward me that image that would be amazing. I already have the enclosure for the HD so I can just drop it on over from my laptop!

If you have a friend that has a laptop with the same hdd connection standard (PATA or SATA) and a disk drive, you can have them install the OS for you onto you hdd. After that,. just insert the hdd and you are good to go.

Actually what I ended up doing was cloning a HDD from another stylistic 3500 and installed it on my tablet pc. So, now I have 2 stylistic tablets with Win XPTE. Thank you, Mr. Lunna 13

If you have an external disk case ( to plug the HDD into the computer ) put your bigger hdd into it, and boot from a cd on the computer, when it asks you where to install, pick the external drive.

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Thanks, I will try it out and see if this will work. Hopefully I am remembering incorrectly, but as I remember - When you install/run the OS CD it doesn't give you the option to choose/install it on a HDD, I think It installs directly on " C:/ "
But like I said, hopefully I am wrong, as most times I am. Thank you sincerely, I will let you know if it works.

If you cannot choose where to install, It may be time to change OS, Ubuntu is great. 9.10 is the best version (10.04 sucks, I with I could downgrade!)

I know for a fact that you can choose the HDD with Ubuntu.

Hope this also helps :)


Thanks Will,
I will try it out, forgive me for being an ignoramus, but where can I get a Copy of Ubuntu 9.10?  I have absolutely ZERO experience with Linux OS. Is this compatible with a Tablet? I guess what I mean tablet functions?
Thanks man, I really appreciate all   the help.

You can get 10.04 from Ubuntu.com - click download ubuntu, or be cheap and request a free CD.

Like I said, 10.04 doesn't work that well for me, so you can get 9.10 from here:
http://releases.ubuntu.com/9.10/ubuntu-9.10-desktop-i386.iso    I am not sure about touchscreens... but I have seen an 'ible  about putting ubuntu onto a Philips (?) tablet, which solved this  problem...   Will

If you are putting windows on it you can use WintoFlash to put the disk onto a flash drive.


Can you please tell me a little more about this? where do I go to download WintoFlash? It sounds like it might work. I really appreciate it,

Thank you,


YIKES!!!..... It didn't work on my old Tablet PC. It doesn't support booting from USB drives. Thank you thought, thank you for trying to help.
Thanks a lot,