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How does a user create a contest? I want to have 2 contests using drupal and 1 using kicad? Answered

How does a user create a contest? I want to have 2 contests using drupal and 1 using kicad?
How would I sponsor thowse?
200$ or 300$ valued prizes.
drupal step by step to a ecommerse shop.
drupal step by step to a multi user contribution community.
kicad electronic design streamlined and documented step by step.

A flow for how a user could insert paypal ammount for prize and post contest and win date would be awsome.


A few years ago, a few people started doing a few contests by themselves.

Now there's a dozen "user-generated" contests per week, it seems, and they are so plentiful that they have lost their steam.

The contest seems like it might be appealing, as long as the prize has enough draw value (a pro membership probably wouldn't be a sufficient prize for the effort provided in the contest). If you somehow contacted drupal, convinced them to sponsor the contest, and get a decent prize donated, you might have a good start.

Promotion would also be key. There aren't enough active members that comment or view the forums to host an entire contest. You would have to self promote, and convince people to come to the site to participate.

Well since drupal is a open source web software I am not shure if they would sponsor a instructables contest. Would you say some 200- 300$ prize would be more fair. I understand a membership is only 20-30$

Very ingenious so instructables lets you buy things and you used that to create your own unoffical contest.
I could use my 3d thing-o-matic printer to print 2nd prize and first prize things and a pro membership.
So how did you communicate the idea or did people just find it?

I announced it here in the forums and tweeted it - I have quite a few followers, but the entry level was disappointing in the end.

So you can see how maby if it is a complex contest like drupal ecommerse a official contest might be better. I like the attempt you did. I wonder if the admins have a form I can fill out to create a contest. just to show a larger audience.

To get an official Drupal contest going, you'd best contact Drupal directly first.

Look for an extension/plugin/module for this kind of thing.

I know there is drupal commerse as a packaged configured drupal butit is not 7.9 so it is behind but how it is done is helpful. Also how these modules are added is covered what midules & how to get it all to come together is how instructible could add.

I'm not sure what you're saying, to be honest. Are you saying you think Instructables is built on Drupal and that they could improve their contests using a special contest plugin?

I think documentation and a how to make a drupal web shop would be nice for people who make crafts or neat projects and want to sell them in their own website.

I tried doing it and had problems but thought a contest would be like a think tank.

Also community websites where everyone can add are interesting to me and I would like to see step by step how to do that in drupal so to get that documentation I would be willing to provide the contest prize.

patches now I would go pro and make patches?
What are they? Like icon badges that go on someones profile?