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How much cfm psi in a can of propellant? Answered

I want to sandblast/etch an image onto acrylic. so i was wondering how close do the specs of canned air get to an actual sandblaster. Ive searched and couldnt find this anywhere. How much cfm and psi is there in a can of propellant. Can anyone help me with this?



5 years ago

Probably not even close. Looking at the specs of even a "weak" sandblaster http://www.harborfreight.com/20-lb-pressurized-abrasive-blaster-68994.html
ven my 6 gallon nail gun compressor couldn't even provide enough volume of air to run it, let alone a regular spray paint gun(hobby airbrush yes, but not house paint). I have seen people say there might be 50 psi in aerosols with max psi of the can double that for consumer safety.  You may get a few squirts out of it but probably not enough for a sandblasting job.  Try chemical etches(acetone or solvents will craze the acrylic) or even mask off and use sandpaper.  Good luck.