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How much space does a betta fish need? Answered

and do they need heaters


hi! I work in a pet shop and you'd be surprised how many people don't even bother asking so...Well done! A good size tank would be about 15litres (seems a bit excessive I know but gives them plenty space),minimum would be around 10litres. They will also need a filter and a heater. The heater should be set to around 24/25 degrees. You'll have to do a 20% partial water change every week as well but remember to dechlorinate the fresh water and let it come to room temperature before you put it into the tank. Think thats the basics but if you have any further questions just ask! oh yeah! don't put it in beside other male fighters or fin-nippers like barbs and don't forget to feed it to keep it happy and it might even make a bubble nest for you!!

1gal+ and under 10gal is good they dont need a heater but if the tanks ova 5 gal then they need one

They are tropical fish. They do, indeed, need a heater unless the water temp is ranged from 74-88 degrees naturally.

I'd say a standard 10gal aquarium would be good. They're pretty in those little bowls, but it's got to be boring.

no, i got 3 molly's , a female betta and an ottocinclus in my 10 gallon, i betta is just a waste!

You can search on Beta fish and look for the instructables in the sidebar. Usually they are in small goldfish size single bowls at the pet store. They are also called samuri fighting fish so you usually don't put more than one in a tank. Had them as a kid and they don't do much until you hold a mirror up to them to see them flare their gills/fins to attack. It's a solitary existance. Good luck.

*Sorry, Betta Fish and Siamese Fighting fish, it's been a while and just looked at some info to refresh my memory.