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How to Break Solder Tabs On Ni-Cad Battery Pack Answered

So, in a fit of optimism I decided to rebuild a Ryobi One 18v battery pack for my drill. The task seems rather straight forward except that I can't gracefully remove the soldered tabs on top of the batteries that actually make the circuit and connect to the wires. 

In the past, I would have removed something like these tabs by either holding the soldering iron to them to melt the solder, slicing the solder with a razor or a combination of the two. These tabs, however, are seriously attached. They won't pry or slice off and the metal of the tab begins to melt before the solder does if I try the iron. I think anymore heat will damage the battery themselves. 

Now, it's been a while since I did any electronics work but after a couple of tries I remembered which end of the soldering iron to pickup. I don't think I missed anything. It just seems like these tabs aren't attached with run of the mill solder. 

Has anyone had this problem (and found a solution) or am I just missing something blindingly obvious?


I thought I would follow up on what I've found out about this subject. 

The small tools hand tools called flush cutter/nipper pliers work very well to cut the tabs off flush with the top edge of the battery post. What remains can be ignored or soldered to. 

The flush cutters are useful in general anytime something hard and small needs to be cut. I highly recommend them. 

Okay, I had pretty much come to that conclusion myself. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something. Thanks.

They are spot-welded.
You may be able to hard-pull them off, or flex the tabs until they snap through metal-fatigue.


Those are welded on tabs if they have to come off, you'll need to grind them