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How to print PCB images on laser printer to scale? Answered

I have a Samsung laser printer. Many of he PCB board designs found on he internet are only simply image files and are not associated with a specific PCB design program. My question is what free mage software is available to print an image of a PCB board to scale.

Thanks for any help

Bob T


In addition to GIMP, give a look to Paint.Net. It is 100% free and has a similar look and feel to Photoshop. Paint.net uses standard print drivers, so using a 1:1 scale will provide you with what you need, as long as the original is a 1:1 representation of the PCB layout.

That bolded text is a very crucial point, btw...

It seems like most programs for viewing image files have settings under the print setup menu which can be used to scale an image that you want to print. I would experiment with those and adjust as needed to get the right proportions.

One handy thing to use as a reference for dimensions is the pads for a DIP component or any other with known dimensions. For example, the pin to pin spacing on a DIP is 0.1", you can measure it on your print out to make sure your scale isn't too small or to large.

Make sure to select "keep aspect ratio" if such an option appears under any print setup menu, to ensure that you have the same scale in both the x and y axes.

Thanks! I just downloaded GIMP and it looks like that image program will allow one to adjust the image size to whatever is needed. Thanks for your help.

Bob T