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How to reliably detect fire and its location? Answered

As the title says. I did try IR receiver to detect a fire but its not very reliable. Im trying to make a fire fighter robot and need accurate data of the fire's size and its location. Im using a arduino Btw



UV sensors are a very good option, as there is less interference from outside sources. Another option could be a smoke sensor, one where you check the resistance of the air to gauge the amount of smoke. This option would be a guess and check type of thing, but it is still there.

not all robots are autonomous.


8 months ago

Although the chemical heat of the fire is usually at the base which is thermally detectable and the spot to which fire fighting actions and chemicals must be directed.

Do what all good fire fighting robots do and use a FLIR camera.

Well, knowing you budget would help then I guess....
Problem is that proper sensors, escecially with the requirement to be high temp and smoke proof are not cheap to start with.
So I simply guess it is another school project or similar.
In either case you need processing power far above an Arduino to control what you need while getting accurate sensor information.
Talking real time processing and multitasking instead of 8bit code.
If you want to re-invent the sensor wheel you need to think out of the box to keep the budget reasonable.
For example utilising a IR sensitive camera (or hack one) to still get a usable BW image in smoke conditions.
Grouping a bunch of long range IR themometers to get zoned temp readings.
Using color filters and motion detection algorithms to check for flames.
You get the picture how the list continues....

UV makes a good way to detect fire too


UV is used to detect flame / no flame in some gas and oil heaters..