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How to use HDMI Receiver/Transmitter IC to create intermediate device ? Answered

Dear ALL,

In the beginning Here're 2 links for something similar I found while searching.
1) arduino.cc/forum/index.php/topic,142845.0.html
2) www.overclock.net/t/1347100/diy-rgb-ambilight

What I wanted to do is to Create "In Middle Device" between Video source (DVD or gaming console) & Video Receiver (HDTV). All What I want is to override some of the data sent/received between them. Like the required resolution, image width & height, Audio & so on.

Here's an example scenario hoping to make things clearer:
Assume I have DVD Player & I have 2 "LET TV" screens. Now I want to split the video images sent from the DVD player into 2 for the 2 screens.
Got the idea? it's like extending the screen. Besides I want the data sent from the TV in this case I need to define the width & height of the tv as both TVs together! if you get what I want!

I found a lot of things online .. here're some links.

But I just need some guidance from those who know more about HDMI, video processors!

1) processors.wiki.ti.com/index.php/TI81XX_PSP_HDMI_Driver_User_Guide
2) processors.wiki.ti.com/index.php/Sii9022a_HDMI_transmitter_driver

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Best Answer 5 years ago

To decode hdmi and figure out the video source split the output would be extremely difficult.
2 reasons:
1) HDMI 'just plain old unencrypted video' at HD resolutions is a HUGE amount of data (gitabits per second) and any cheap/easy controller wouldn't be able to handle it at the hobbyist level.
2) all (legitimate) hd content is encrypted. High Definition Content Protection (HDCP) is the handshaking, encryption before transmission, and decryption by the display that outputs the video. In order to be HDCP certified, devices aren't allowed to expose the raw unencrypted data to the user (where they could copy/pirate the material). Can it be broken? yes. Is it a hobbyist thing? not really.

So; not only do you have more data than you are remotely able to deal with in most cases; in most of THOSE cases the data is useless to you because it's encrypted.

The only real way this would work is if the tvs with hdmi input are HDCP compliant, as was the video splitter -- and if you sent the SAME video to both tvs, and somehow got the tvs to display only their portion of the video (a zoom setting somehow).

The only real option:
A computer could easily split a single video to two screens, with 2 separate hdmi outputs, so the extra-large-format video could stretch across both.

Now this is one Detailed answer.

Okay I asked 'cause I didnt understand what I read about hdmi & hdcp. So thanks for the details :D

Regarding the real option. How can a computer do though? there's no way to get HDMI input to it! although I can take output from it!

Do you have an idea in mind?

I just want to get HDMI input recognize the video content and re-transmit it again! whatever the in middle processing unit will be.

Thanks again for your answer .... it was helpful much :D

There are HDMi splitter boxes that will take 1 input and give you 2 identical outputs. But they won't be able to split the image between the 2 screens. Not without a good bit of image processing to go with it. What your looking to do is well beyond a hobbiest project. This is the kind of thing a team of engineers would need to tackle.

Yes I heard about these splitter boxes.
Okay but how would I consume the HDMI Output? and re-transmit it?

Assume I want to get the HDMI output as video frames & retransmit the new images after inverting the colors. No much processing is needed here, right?
Then let the image processing for later :D

& Thanks for your concern ;)


4 years ago

Hi tdk4, I am a little late to the party, but were you able to figure out which video processor could be used for HDMI signals? I am trying to do a DIY chromecast kinda project but without ardruino or rasberry pi. I am trying to build it grounds up and I am very new to this. Any and all help will be much appreciated! thanks :)

Well that's tricky because the options I found are a little bit expensive and I wasn't sure if it's the thing I need or not. I did not go further with this project. I'm sorry :)

ah okay, thanks though

Read the other comments they're really informative. Besides, if you reached anything, please let me know ^_^

Wishing You The Best Of Luck

"how to do hdmi input on computer"

no; you play the DVD FROM the computer and output to multiple monitors.

That's sad :(
Does this mean I cannot read hdmi input from Gaming consoles? :(

I found something like this >>

Can this be useful?

You can get HDMI Capture cards for your computer - which allow recording of console video;
HDMI from ps3 is always encrypted so no record from hdmi; must use component video
wiiU and 360 should record game footage fine

All 3 will lock down if you try to record from a DVD or blu-ray via hdmi.

mmmmm okay I'll do little research again then decide what to do next then.

Thanks for the detailed explanation ^_^