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How would I go about building a portable battery power boom box with 2 tweeters and one large woofer. Answered

Over the Christmas holiday I would like to utilize two tweeters that I obtained from computer speakers and a subwoofer that I obtained from a surround sound system to use in a portable battery powered boom box.  The goal is to makee the whole setup rechargeable (thought about solar panels also, but baby steps) with a usb slot (power only) to charge ipods/iphones and a single aux cable.  I have been experimenting with each of the speakers and I have an idea of what size of box I am going to have to produce the best sound, tips on this would be welcomed as well.  Strong deep bass is a major goal of the boom box as well.  Physical volume controls are not need.  The only button I assume would be for the power. Any tips or suggestions are welcomed.


I plan on making this project soon, but you may consider this instructable or others already posted on the site to get a good basis to start from


Just use a DC amp... and probably a cross-over... although, I sincerely doubt that your batteries will last for any length of time. (Especially if you are charging an iPod at the same time.) Any specific questions? I can probably help, although my specialty isn't DIY circuitry... I have done a little with it, but I am an audio guy... but unless I know exactly what you want to know, I'm not going to waste my time by telling you step by step how to do it. Also, it wouldn't be hard to put volume controls in... and I would strongly recommend it. You never know when you will need it.